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Founded by Eric Evans, RS & Ed North, MS, two public health professionals, eOnsite LLC developed the popular software service eOnsite.NET®, offering unrivaled expertise in the management of inspection data related to decentralized wastewater treatment systems, for both residential and commercial application.  eOnsite LLC successfully  ensures that all aspects of onsite wastewater treatment system inspection data management are capable of being done quickly and effectively.

eOnsite LLC currently provides services to a select group of Local Health Jurisdictions, private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Maintenance Providers and Manufacturers of proprietary Wastewater Treatment Devices in Washington State (Please note: eOnsite LLC is no longer taking new customers - please visit http://www.onlinerme.com for world-class wastewater managment services).

Mission Statement:

Striving to be the foremost provider of professional environmental internet database solutions supported by friendly and professional services. Our goal is to help businesses run smoothly and efficiently by making environmental data entry, analysis, reporting, customer management and inspection management simple and easy, and to provide Local Health Jurisdictions with a sound and easy method of tracking, reporting, and analyzing and managing environmental inspection data.

Services Provided:

  • Consulting – Assist and advise with the establishment of monitoring and maintenance programs and protocols for businesses, manufacturers and Local Health Jurisdictions.
  • Support – We support our current clients in the use of onlineRME™ while providing ongoing support as new features are added and/or assistance is needed.


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